Victoria Secret Unveils 'Floral Fantasy' bra worth $2.5 million

Victoria Secret Unveils ‘Floral Fantasy’ bra worth $2.5 million

Victoria Secret unveils ‘Fantasy’ bra worth $2.5m

The Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand has unveiled the latest incarnation of their annual fantasy bra, which this year has a staggering price tag of $2.5 million.

After the official unveiling in New York City the bra will be modelled by Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio on the annual fashion show for the lingerie brand that is broadcast each November.

Alessandra told Gossip Center: ‘I feel so honored to be wearing the Floral Fantasy Bra by London Jewelers.

‘It feels like incredible. I feel really beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it in the victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 4.’

“It’s so unique you know it’s this piece of art that you get to wear and it has over 5000 precious gems so you just have all these diamonds around and you have this 20 carat diamond right here,” Alessandra said.

This years fantasy bra was crafter by a London jeweller and contains over 142 carats of diamonds amid more than 3,000 precious stones positioned and set by hand. With an estimated value of $2.5 million the latest fantasy bra sees a reduction in the cost compared to those of previous years.

The most expensive Victoria’s Secret fantasy bra to date is the world record holding $15 million value bra worn by Gisele Bundchen in the 2000 fashion show. The Christmas Dreams and Fantasies fashion show airs in Novmeber on the CBS network in the U.S.