Whitney Heichel's Cell Phone Found

Whitney Heichel’s Cell Phone Found

Powerful Clue to Whitney Heichel’s Murder

The cellular phone of missing Gresham, Oregon woman was found on Thursday evening in the bushes of a nearby apartment complex .

Whitney Heichel, a 21 year old woman vanished early Tuesday morning on her way to work at Starbucks. When she did not show up for her 7 am shift, Starbucks manager alerted husband Scott Heichel, who called 911.

Heichel’s black Ford Explorer was found by friends and family at a local Walmart parking lot at about 1 p.m. the day she disappeared. Investigators and volunteers continued to search aggressively and found her license plate at Larch Mountain.

On Thursday, Heichel’s cell phone was recovered by children on a playground just four miles from her home, reports ABC News.

The cell phone had a picture of Whitney and text messages from husband Scott asking “Where are you. Are you OK?” The discovery of her cell phone on Thursday led investigators to Jonathon Holt, a 24 year old neighbor and acquaintance of Whitney and Scott Heichel.

After days of searching Larch Mountain, her body was eventually found on late Friday. The same night, Jonathon Holt was arrested for aggravated murder. Now, the only thing family and friends can hope for is justice.