Trump's Obama Announcement To Be "Big"

Trump’s Obama Announcement To Be “Big”

Trump Promises To Reveal Big News Regarding Obama Wednesday

The debates may be over, but billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump says he plans on revealing some bigger news regarding the incumbent, President Barack Obama, to the public on Wednesday, October 23.

In typical Trump fashion, The Donald teases that he plans on revealing “something very very big” on Wednesday, using his Twitter account as the launching platform for the allegedly shocking revelation.

“It’s going to be very big. I know one thing- you will cover it in a very big fashion,’ he added.

Trump wasn’t giving away any clues, however, but only went on to say that it could ‘possibly’ play a role in the election.

He said h is waiting to Tweet the ‘large, bordering on gigantic’ news ‘sometime probably Wednesday’.

Trump did admit during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” that all of the news media would be salivating to give his news plenty of exposure because it has the potential to influence the course of the next presidential election set for Tuesday, November 6 at polling places throughout the United States.

Speaking to, Trump said he would make the announcement around “noon” on Wednesday and declined to say whether he had talked to the Obama or Romney campaigns about what he intended to disclose.

“It’s a big fact,” Trump said. “I can’t talk about it ‘till Wednesday…We’ll see what happens.”

Trump has never masked his disdain for President Obama, ranking him as the worst performing chief executive officer ever to hold the country’s highest elected office. He has consisently challenged Obama to reveal his birth certificate to prove he has a legitimate right to be the American President.