Lindsay Lohan's Obama Tweet Goes Viral

Lindsay Lohan’s Obama Tweet Goes Viral

Over the weekend, troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan found the time to Live tweet the final U.S. presidental debate.

“OMG it is HAPPENING!!!!!!!! The Final Debate!!!!! I’m so nervous!” she Tweeted, less than a week after publicly endorsing Mitt Romney.

Lohan, 26, probably should have quit while she was ahead, but instead treated the twitterverse to her craziness.

“1920s, 1950s…. ITS ALL THE SAME, History repeats itself…. Only if you let it,” she wisely offered.

A few moments later she Tweeted political comedian Bill Maher asking him to please direct message her with his “honest to G-D thoughts.”

Vanity Fair then asked why Romney didn’t finish a story about a female he met in Appleton, Wisconsin.

“Why didn’t Romney finish his story about Appleton, Wisconsin? That sounded interesting! He met a woman. Then what? Cliff-hanger?” the magazine asked.

“@VanityFair I think that we should be focusing on @BarackObama and @mittromney ‘s policies rather than their personal cliff-hangers w/women,” Lindsay wrote.

The mag replied, innocently asking that perhaps “what happened in Appleton, Wisconsin, was a particularly illustrative microcosm demonstrating the failure or triumph of a specific domestic agenda?”

The actual Lindsay Lohan Obama tweet disappeared from her timeline shortly after it was posted.