Bill Maher Says Romney a Freakshow

With the 2012 presidential election less than a fortnight away, political comedian and commentator Bill Maher said GOP nominee Mitt Romney would be a “freakshow“.

The jab is thinly veiled jab by Maher at the religious right specifically and Christians in general.

The basis of Maher’s argument is that a Romney administration would bring back controversial issues such as Terry Schiavo, or Attorney General John Ashcroft’s covering of a statue for revealing too much breast.

Maher believes that a Romney administration would open to the doors to religious zealots that he finds personally offensive.

Maher said the Obama presidency has been devoid of those types of moral issues and that is enough to reelect the president. No mention was made to whether voters might in a worst case prefer petty right wing issues in exchange for a vibrant employment situation.

There was no proof provided that a Romney administration would engage in any of the types of issues Maher expressed disdain over.