Hurricane Sandy Surges, Fights Grounded

Hurricane Sandy Surges, Fights Grounded

Hurricane Sandy Flights Grounded

Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall close to the New Jersey coastline with hurricane force winds and heavy rain causing flights from, to and through the Northeastern U.S. to be grounded. By noon on Monday, at least eight hours before the first possible landfall of Sandy over 9,500 flights had been cancelled throughout the U.S. and abroad, reportsthe L.A. Times.

Before the storm hits most major flight carriers had already begun cancelling flights due to safety concerns.

The majority of flights into and out of major north eastern U.S. cities, such as Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C. had been cancelled on both Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of October.

A spokesman for United Airlines parent United Continental Holdings Inc. told the Huffington Post, the carrier has suspended an unspecified number of flights to New York and Washington-area airports beginning Sunday evening with plans to resume Tuesday as conditions permit.

Although the major problems of Hurricane Sandy will affect the north east U.S. the effect on flights will be felt around the world with planes not arriving in their scheduled destinations on time. The majority of airlines are waiving fees usually charged for rebooking cancelled flights.