Deadly Craigslist scheme

Deadly Craigslist scheme

deadly craigslist scheme

The people who showed up at the residence of Richard Beasley were just looking for some honest work.

Lured in by the prospect of a position at a cattle farm in rural Noble County Ohio, at least three men ended up dead.

The fourth, 49-year-old Scott Davis, of South Carolina, survived being shot in the arm. Beasley had an accomplice, 17-year-old Brogan Rafferty, who stands trial as an adult for 25 charges.

Rafferty claims that he was forced into helping Beasley, whom plead not guilty to his charges and could face the death penalty. Scott Davis is the star witness for the prosecution, and tells a harrowing tale.

He claims to have been driven to a rural farm, told to go and get some equipment from the woods, then confronted with a handgun. After being shot, he ran into the woods and made it to the safety of a creek, where he waited until the coast was clear.