Bronco Bama Girl Is Bored To Tears With The Election

Bronco Bama Girl Is Bored To Tears With The Election

Election Coverage Makes Little Girl Cry

A little girl’s mother notice she was grumpy when she got her from the daycare, when they left the parking lot of the grocery store the girl began to cry.

Her mother filmed it and asked why she was being cranky. The radio was playing a segment on Mitt Romney and “Bronco Bama” (Barack Obama) and the little girl was tired of the election.

More specifically she was tired of the candidates running for presidential office.

The girl’s mother told her the election would end soon and so would the cover; she also changed the radio station so her daughter would stop crying.

The video ends with the mother explaining that her four- year- old has heard too many election mentions.

One Youtube user wrote:

This child understands the sinister, vicious nature of politics. Mostly just on an emotional level. It’s just that bad feeling you get in the pit of the stomach when election season hits full swing, you know?

Another feel it’s the mother’s “politics” that influence the girl:

“This is adorable, but the kid doesn’t understand politics at all and I can guarantee the mom told her daughter that the presidential candidates were mean and bad men before she started crying.”

There was an apology statement made to the Brona Bama girl when the video made its way to the Internet.

The video has nearly two million views and coverage of the election is expected to increase closer to the day elections are held.