Amanda Davis Fox 5

Amanda Davis Fox 5

Atlanta Fox News Anchor Amanda Davis Arrested for Drunk Driving

The management at Fox 5 news in Atlanta is embarrassed to have to report that one of their own news anchors has been arrested.

Fox 5 anchor Amanda Davis was arrested over the weekend after she was involved in an automobile accident and a police officer on the scene smelled alcohol on her breath.

Police report that the evidence shows that Davis was driving northbound in a southbound lane when she crashed her car near Piedmont Park.

Although Davis admitted that she had consumed alcohol within an hour of getting behind the wheel of her Fiat, she flatly refused to take an on-site sobriety test.

A police officer on the scene, however, said he had probable cause for arresting her under the charge of impaired driving after smelling alcohol.At last report, Davis remained in jail, charged not only with DUI but also failing to maintain the proper lane and speeding.

“Upon speaking with both drivers, the officer noticed an odor of alcohol emanating from Ms. Davis’ person,” Sgt. Lyon said in a statement. “He asked her if she had been drinking, to which she did respond in the affirmative.”

This isn’t the first time the TV anchor was arrested for a DUI related incident. According to 11 Alive, Davis was also arrested for driving under the influence, speeding and failing to maintain lane in December 1991.