Jill Kelley's Twin Sister

Jill Kelley’s Twin Sister

Natalie Khawam: Life Complicated

Natalie Khawam, Jill Kelley’s twin sister, went through a custody battle via court in Tampa, Florida over her 4 yr old son.

She claimed her ex-husband committed domestic Violence against her, but for one reason or another the courts found that information to be untrue.
It was reported that the judge for the custody case had reason to believe Khawam’s story to be fabricated, assuming it was a desperate attempt to win said custody battle against her ex-husband.

Sources say that Natalie Khawam suffers from severe psycological deficits, meaning she distorts reality around her.

Apparently, Khawam lost her custody case in result of what said judge assumed to be a mental illness.

Reports also state that Khawam had legal issues, going thru 4 different jobs, within a 5 year period.

Natalie Khawam is now going through an appeal for custody, due to Retired General David Patraeus and current four star Marine Corps General, John Allen.

It is clear as to why Khawam is receiving favoritism from such upper echelon said officials, her twin sister Jill Kelley’s worth of work within the last decade, in relation to the gentleman involved.