Suburban Chicago Firefighter Killed by Adopted Dog

Suburban Chicago firefighter Dawn Brown paid the ultimate price for her kindness in adopting a dog who was scheduled to be put down at the local shelter.

According to the Sun Times, the woman was discovered earlier this week in her home in Big Rock, IL mauled by the animal she had taken in, a mastiff not known for having any aggression problems.

“He tried first aid right away, but it was already evident that she was deceased when he got there,” Lt. Pat Gengler, of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, told the station.

Although Brown and her husband also had two other dogs in the house, officials determined that it was injuries from the newly adopted dog that caused fatal injuries.

Four animal control officers were required to capture and sedate the dog which weighed more than 130 pounds.

Fellow workers remembered Brown as a woman who simply enjoyed mothering others and felt it was her duty to help an abandoned animal find a new and loving home. All three dogs in the home were taken into custody, but no word yet on whether the killer dog will be euthanized.

Her husband, who is said to be in shock over the tragic incident, will likely be allowed to decide if the other two dogs not involved in the attack should be returned home.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” neighbor Mark Hake told NBC 5 Chicago. “We would see them walking their dogs through town, very nice people.”

“Dawn was unique because she was one of those that connected with all of their patients and you can’t say that about every paramedic,” Bristol-Kendall Fire Chief Michael Kalina told KLS-TV. “She was one of those that could feel the empathy, that could feel the pain that they were going through.”

The couple had no children and treated their dogs like family.

According to Wikipedia, the English Mastiff, referred to by most Kennel Clubs simply as the Mastiff, is a breed of large dog perhaps descended from the ancient Alaunt through the Pugnaces Britanniae. Distinguishable by enormous size, massive head, and a limited range of colors, but always displaying a black mask, the Mastiff is noted for its gentle temperament. The lineage of modern dogs can be traced back to the early 19th century, and the modern type was stabilised in the 1880s. Following a period of sharp decline, the Mastiff has increased its worldwide popularity. (PHTO: Pleple2000)