Lindsay Lohan Rent Rumors: Star May Be Booted From Hollywood Mansion

Lindsay Lohan Rent Rumors: Star May Be Booted From Hollywood Mansion

Lindsay Lohan Rumored to Be Struggling to Pay Rent

Despite a starring appearance as Elizabeth Taylor in a recent Lifetime channel biopic, actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly having trouble paying the monthly rent on the Beverly Hills mansion she has been leasing, according to reports.

The swarms of acting offers that Lohan was counting on after her performance as Taylor aired haven’t materialized, and now she is locked into a hefty monthly rent payment until her lease expires in February of 2013.

Negoitations with her landlord to back out the lease have gone nowhere, with the home’s owners threatening to charge Lohan with excessive penalties if she thinks she can break the lease.

“According to our sources,” said TMZ in a real estate report posted on Dec. 9, “Lindsay has been scraping together the money to pay her $8,000 rent [in the posh neighborhood Beverly Hills].” Will she be able to hold out long enough to stay in her place until the end of her big fat lease?

“We’re told Lindsay signed the lease on [her home there] back in February [of 2012] … when her career was on the upswing and the money seemed to be rolling in…” claimed the celebrity gossip source. Lilo, at that time, was banking that her role in the television movie “Liz & Dick” would help her make an acting comeback.

The actress is anxious to leave the West Coast and move to New York City to be closer to her mother.

In other possible legal troubles, Lohan originally agreed to have her rental home redecorated for the reality series “Million Dollar Decorators” but allegedly renegged on the deal after the work was done.