Cambridge deemed “sex capital” of Britain according to survey

A survey deemed Cambridge the sex capital of all of Britain. The people living Cambridge date more and have more sex than people have in any other city in the country., the company who released the survey, stated that three quarters of the people living in Cambridge were open to swinging and role-playing.

A fifth of the married men who participated in the survey stated that they would cheat on their wives if they were given the opportunity and if they knew that there was no way that, they would be caught in the act.

A spokesman for the website said: “Cambridge is famous for its university and stuffy academic image.

“So it’s surprising to find that the town could be home to more sexually liberated people than anywhere else.

“Based upon the feedback from our members, both single and married residents are more agreeable to playing out sexual fantasies.

“And they would cheat on their partners if able to do so without getting caught.”

The next most sexual cities in Britain are Manchester, London, and Bristol according to the survey. Nottingham and Worchester were among the most conservative places in Britain. Cambridge is known for having an academic image so the fact that the people in the area are so sexually liberated came as a surprise to many people.