Historic Sandy Relief Rock Concert Raises $30 Million
More than $30 million in relief aid for victims of hurricane Sandy in the United States was raised by the historic 12/12/1/2 Concert for Sandy Relief held this week in New York City.

The six hour show, organized by the Robin Hood Foundation, already had $30 million in pledges before Bruce Springsteen first welcomed the crowd and anticipates raking in as much as $20 more from online donations and call center contributions answered by celebrity volunteers.

Entertainers ranging from Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, John Bon Jovi and Mick Jagger of “The Rolling Stones” all volunteered their time and talent and the organizing Foundation promised that all monies raised would go directly to home and business owners whose property had suffered damage and devasation along the Eastern seaboard at the end of October.

Adding to the coffers were proceeds from an online auction of a Fender guitar signed by many of the event’s most famous rockers.