Gunman Went To College At 16: Classmates Called Him "Quiet"

Gunman Went To College At 16: Classmates Called Him “Quiet”

Gunman Adam Lanza Attended College at Age 16

Adam Lanza, the mentally disturbed young adult male responsible for the atrocity in Newtown Connecticut this last week, ended his schooling early in his senior year to attend college at Western Connecticut State University where he had a cumulative 3.29 GPA before he completely withdrew from school.

According to reports, courses which he took and passed were Ethical Theory with a C grade, American History with an A- grade, and Macroeconomics with a B grade. He withdrew out from at least two courses one in Data Modeling and another in German.

University records show he was close to failing in German when he withdrew from the course.

Eventually, Lanza withdrew from college all together. On the day of the massacre at his hands, Lanza took the life of his mother and then forcibly entered the school and brought the nation into mourning by taking the lives of twenty elementary school children and several adults.

“We attributed him being quiet to him being so much younger than the rest of us,” classmate Dot Stasny, 30, told the Associated Press. “I assumed he was this super smart kid who was just doing extra course work.”

Another classmate, Gretched Olson, also said she believed Lanza was quiet because of his age.

“We never really knew much about him,” Olsen, who was in Lanza’s German class, told the AP. “We said ‘hi’ to him from time to time. He smiled sometimes.”

Lanza is suspected of first killing his mother, Nancy Lanza, at their Newtown home on Friday morning, and then going to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 20 children and six adults with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle.