Great Dane Cuddles Baby In Heart Warming Viral Video

Great Dane Cuddles Baby In Heart Warming Viral Video

Big Dog Loves on Baby in Viral Video

A video of a Great Dane affectionately nuzzling and cuddling with a baby boy has won the hearts of many as it has gone viral.

According to Inquisitr, originally uploaded on October 9th, 2012 by YouTube user tmell08, the video has gone viral over the holidays.

Most people who have seen the video have labeled it as cute, while others posted cautionary words about the dangers of having a baby around a large animal.

“Well trained pets can and do attack. I see it happen all the time. With an infant that young, it is irresponsible to have a dog that close,” said user Jennaferk9999. Another user, AidenR90, suggested that everyone do a search for “baby” and “dog” on YouTube and be prepared to get angry.

Other viewers say that a big dog is an excellent guard dog for children.

“My friend had a Mastiff when her baby was born. At the age to toddle around the yard the baby had a body guard,” said pixiedixiejynx. “The dog would always position himself between the baby and front gate and as the baby got older, anytime she got too close to the gate he would grab her diaper, walk backwards, and move slow enough the baby stayed on her feet.
When my friend learned she was pregnant again, they went out and got a 2nd mastiff who behaved the same way their first dog had, guarding ‘his’baby.”

Still other warn that people need to exercise caution when dealing with dogs and children.

“I agree with you. I love dogs and our dogs are like family to us. But I’m also a new mom, and any family member that are? not able to behave like a sane person is not to come near my child. I know that some dogs are special, but most aren’t, and it’s impossible to tell,” says one YouTube user. “I used to thought my dog was the smartest and docile until she slightly bit a small chihuahua and caused the death of it just because the little thing was coming close to her bowl. It’s just too big a risk.”

Regardless of the differing opinions on the video, it continues to entertain and brighten the day of viewers all over the world.

At the time of writing, the video has over 430,000 views and over 400 comments.

Would you let a great dane cuddle your baby?