US Customs Officials Detain British Olympic Hero
Mohammed Farah of Great Britain captured two gold medals during the summer 2012 Olympic Games in London, but that didn’t impress US Customs officials who detained the British Olympic hero on suspicion of being a terrorist when he travelled over the Christmas hoildays to visit family members.

According to officials, when officials saw that Farah, who is currently residing in Portland, Oregon, was born in Somalia, he was pulled aside and questioned extensively about his activities.

Farah, who has been awarded a CBE by Queen Elizabeth II for his outstanding achievements, that nation’s highest honor, says that every time he has tried to travel to or from the United States, he is questioned about being a Somali and wrongly suspected of alleged terrorist affiliations.

He relocated to Oregon last year to be able to work more closely with his running coach, Alberto Salazar, at the headquarters of Nike.

This is not Farah’s first run-in with US Customs Officials. He was almost kept out of the US for 90 days after trying to return home after a visit to Canada because of the same set of circumstances.

Farah called on the help of his Coach and his connections with individuals within the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help straighten out that situation.