Heather Cox Snubbed by Stanford Coach after Rose Bowl Victory

ESPN reporter Heather Cox was attempting to get an interview with Stanford Head Coach David Shaw following their first Rose Bowl victory in just over four decades with a narrow 20-14 victory over the formidable Wisconsin Badgers.

Perhaps it was the euphoria of the moment but Coach Shaw just couldn’t seem to make time for Cox.

That’s not to say she didn’t try and get the interview for the all but expected line of questioning about how the coach feels about winning such a prestigious match.

According to the Christian Post, Cox was caught on camera making a valiant effort to corner the coach for a few questions.

She managed to get one quick question to him before he was whisked away for a trophy presentation at which time she, thinking the camera was off, looked at her cameraman and exasperated, “Are you kidding me?”.

The video of that snubbing has gone viral but in good sportsmanship Coach Shaw later gave Cox a full interview.