Octomom On Welfare Following Failed Adult Movie Career

Octomom On Welfare Following Failed Adult Movie Career

Octomom’s New Career–Welfare Recipient!

Nadya Suleman, the much reviled “Octomom”, is back on cash and food assistance from the Great State of California and the federal government.

She will draw $2,800 per month, all told, until she recovers from a hefty rehab bill she acquired in October.

TMZ.com reported that Suleman was once flush with cash from her work as a stripper and adult film actress (“Octomom Home Alone”), but bills from her recovery sponged her savings.

Octomom hairstylist Stephanie tells TMZ:

She went to Octo’s house on April 18 to cut her hair and do a Brazilian blowout — a chemical straightening treatment. Octo owed Stephanie for an earlier haircut, and the grand total came to $520. Octo also paid Stephanie $80 for hair products. Mind you — Octo wrote the check at a time when she was in dire need of welfare.

The hairdresser tells the gossip site the kids are live in “squalor”:

Stephanie — who went to cops yesterday and filed a report claiming the 14 kids were living in squalor — tells us she couldn’t believe Octo was spending this kind of loot on haircuts when her plumbing didn’t work.

The mother of fourteen worked her way off of her last 3-month welfare stint in July 2012.

Federal poverty guidelines for a family of fifteen is $66,610 or less in income per year, or under $5551 per month. In other words, the welfare Suleman is receiving now won’t exactly keep her in bikinis.

According to the New York Daily news, the family’s cookie jar money was depleted in October after Suleman entered herself into rehab at the Chapman Treatment Center for “anxiety, exhaustion and stress.”

“She was prescribed Xanax for her anxiety attacks. She was not addicted to it. She has an overabundance of stress and exhaustion and wanted to deal with it without prescription drugs,” her manager, Gina Rodriguez, told the Daily News at the time.

In September Suleman made headlines when she moved her brood to a new house in L.A., using the money she earned making adult videos.

The scale of Suleman’s family (and welfare check) has ignited a passionnate nationwide conversation about how much of a family is “too much” for the State to underwrite. We all wonder what exciting career move is next for Octomom.

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