Big Bang Theory Record Setting Night

Big Bang Theory Record Setting Night

TV Sitcom “Big Bang Theory” Experiences Ratings Explosion

The TV sitcom “Big Bang Theory” which centers on five roommates living together has hit a ratings bonanza on season six.

According to Yahoo News, the show gave the CBS network the prime time victory slot for Thursday night.

The victory is all the sweeter given that the show captured the 18-49 demographic which allows it to attract greater advertising dollars.

The show was watched by nearly 15 million in the key demographic and a total of 19 million viewers overall is the largest viewership it has had in its six season run. As the adage goes “a rising tide lifts all boats”, “Big Bang Theory” has even boosted ratings for “Two and Half Men” which immediately follows it.

That show saw a 12% ratings increase. Apparently, the marriage last season of Howard and Bernadette and its effect on the group dynamic is proving enjoyable to fans of the show. The show airs Thursday nights at 8:00PM.


FOX 8-9P MOBBED S #6 1.0 2,740
9-10P MOBBED S #5 1.2 3,090
ABC 8-9P NASHVILLE RS #12t 0.7 3,189
9-10P SCANDAL RS #12t 0.7 2,908
10-11P SCANDAL R #7t 0.9 3,653
CBS 8:00P BIG BANG #1 6.0 18,984
8:30P TWO&MEN #2 4.6 15,393
9-10P PERSON INTEREST #3 3.4 16,135
10-11P ELEMENTARY #4 2.5 11,363
NBC 8:00P 30 ROCK R #9t 0.8 2,465
8:30P UP-NIGHT R #9t 0.8 1,962
9:00P OFFICE R #7t 0.9 2,152
9:30P PARK & REC R #12t 0.7 1,691
10-11P ROCK-WILLIAMS #9t 0.8 3,433
CW 8-9P VAMPIRE DIARIES R #15 0.4 1,124
9-10P BEAUTY&BEAST R #16 0.3 868