Boy abducted in '94 Found:  Now Married Expecting His Own Child

Boy abducted in ’94 Found: Now Married Expecting His Own Child

Boy abducted by grandparents in 1994 discovered living in Minnesota

Richard Wayne Landers Jr., who was abducted in Indiana in 1994 at the age of five, was apparently found last October living in Minnesota. He had been taken by his father’s parents after they became upset about possible custody proceedings involving the boy’s mother and her new husband. According to police, the boy’s father had never been involved with the upbringing of the child.

Eighteen and a half years later, the now-adult Richard Wayne Landers Jr. is living in Minnesota, just a town away from where his grandparents are still living under an assumed name.

Landers was discovered after his social security number was given to Indiana police. They ran it through their system and found it was being used by a man in Minnesota who was the exact same age as the missing boy would be. The only difference was the name the man was using.

Richard Wayne Landers Jr. is now married and will soon be a father himself as his wife is expecting a baby. His new name has not been disclosed to the news media, nor have any details been released about his childhood growing up with his grandparents.

Meanwhile, Landers’ mother, Lisa Harter, is hoping to reunite with her adult son and is going through official channels to make sure that does happen.

There is no word yet, however, on whether or not abduction charges will be filed against the grandparents. To some extent that may also depend on what Landers himself has to say about his life for the past eighteen and a half years.

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