White House Chief of Staff Nominated for Treasury Post

It’s time for some musical chairs at the White House as the Obama administration begins its second term. President Obama has nominated his current White House chief of staff, Jack Lew, to become the next Secretary of the Treasury for the country.

“He is a low-key guy who prefers to surround himself with policy experts rather than television cameras,” Obama said.

Upon his confirmation, Lew would move into the post being vacated by the outgoing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Just as Geithner came under attack prior to his confirmation for forgetting to file certain taxes, Lew is already being criticized as unfit for the job due to allegedly untrue statements he made several years ago claiming that Obama’s budget plans would not add to the nation’s debt.

Lew has continued to stick to his claim that spending over the past few years has not affected the national debt level. Many Republicans whose support will be necessary to confirm Lew as the next Treasury Secretary consider him too inexperienced to hold an economic post.

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