Nearly Nude Driver Gets DWI Arrest And Several Other Charges (PIC)

Nearly Nude Driver Gets DWI Arrest And Several Other Charges (PIC)

Nearly Naked Woman Arrested for DWI in New Jersey

Police in Sparta, New Jersey charged a woman with drunk driving after she reportedly ran into a wall and fled the scene. When she was stopped, the woman, Catherine Giaquinto, was wearing only an open jacket.

According to the Daily Record, a resident reported seeing a car hit her stone retaining wall and leave the scene.

Officer Joseph Pensado stopped the suspect vehicle and was surprised to find the driver, Ms. Giaquinto, age 36 of Warwick, New York, nearly naked.

Ms. Giaquinto‘s speech was slurred and she had no recollection of the accident. Officer Pensado ordered Ms. Giaquinto to get dressed. When it was clear that Ms. Giaquinto could not maintain her balance to take a sobriety test, she was arrested and brought to police headquarters.

She was later charged with a number of violations including DWI, refusal to submit to breath testing, and leaving the scene of an accident.

The crash occurred early Friday in the northwestern New Jersey community of Sparta Township.

Last Fall, country crooner Randy Travis was arrested for DWI.

Grayson County police responded to a call at 11:18 p.m. alerting them to a man, later identified as Travis, found lying on the street in Tioga, Texas.

Upon arriving at the scene police determined that Travis had been involved in an accident and that he had been drinking.

E! reports Travis refused a blood and breath test and allegedly threatened to shoot and kill officers while he was being transported.

People reports that he is currently in police custody, although no other vehicles were involved.

TMZ claims Travis was completely naked when the cops pulled him over.

Travis, 53, who had minor cuts and bruises, was also held on a “retaliation and obstruction” charge, which is a felony.

prior to being pulled over for the DWI, Travis was spotted at a corner store completed naked.

“He walked up, and I said, ‘What are you doing?'” clerk Scott Robinson said in a story posted on the station’s website. “He ordered a couple packs of cigarettes, just like anybody would order a pack of cigarettes — except he was naked. I said, ‘What are you doing in the store naked?’ And he said, ‘Just give me the cigarettes.'”