Bigfoot in Oregon:  Strange Sounds Caught On Tape

Bigfoot in Oregon: Strange Sounds Caught On Tape

Is Bigfoot in Oregon?

The Dailymail Online reports that people living near the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon have reported strange roars coming from the thick forests nearby.

Speculation among residents and Bigfoot enthusiast is that the legendary creature is nearby.

The article ran on January 26, 2013 and reported that roars and screeches were coming from the 178,000 acre tract of forest nearby waking people from their sleep.

Oregon has long been a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings and attracts people searching for proof of the creatures’ existence.

Many are convinced that the sounds are coming from a Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, while others blame the noises on foxes or female coyotes.

In a video posted on Youtube by Sasquatch Watch Canada, you can hear the eerie sounds.

the video description suggests the sound may actually be from a fox.

“Bigfoot or Fox? Strange sounds coming from swamp on Umatilla Indian Reservation Oregon.”

YouTube users are of course skeptical.

One person said:

“+1 for technology? Man, this couldn’t possibly be a worse recording. All I hear is compression noise. My 80s cassette recorded could do better.”

Another user pointed out:

“I hear this on the farm all the It is known as “The Screech of the Siren”. Otherwise known as a female fox calling for a mate. It is super eerie to hear,esp at night but I have heard it mid day and morning also. Not to discredit anything Bigfoot related,but this is def a female fox in”

Still, not everyone in concinced the sounds are coming from a fox:

“I have a friend there who has been sending me recordings of better quality. People around there would know the difference. They say its unusual and can tell when there’s a fox howling. I’ve also heard from a couple different people from there that they say the dogs are scared. Dogs don’t get scared of howling fox and coyote.”

According to the article the Director of the Housing Society John Franklin stated that many area residents are gripped by fear. One resident reportedly told him that their “dogs were terrified to venture out for a walk.”

Check out the video of the alleged Bigfoot in Orgeon. Do you think the sounds are coming from a real bigfoot?

Source: Dailymail Online