'fbi brainwashed my son'

‘fbi brainwashed my son’

Terror Suspect Brainwashed by FBI

The trial of an American-Somali teenage terror suspect took a strange twist when the Father of suspect Mohamed Mohamud claimed his son had been brainwashed by the FBI.

Mohamud’s father Osman Barre claimed he contacted the FBI about his son following the teanager’s request to travel to the Yemen to study the Arabic language; Barre feared his son had been targeted by al-Qaida controlers who would convince him to join the mujahedeen in Somalia.

Despite initially fearing Mohamud was brainwashed by al-Qaida Barre has now become convinced the FBI brainwashed his son into attempting to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree ligthing ceremony in Portland, Oregon in 2010.

After contacting the FBI about his concerns in 2009 Barre was notc ontacted again by FBI agents who were already monitoring Mohamud as they had since early 2009; FBI angets claim informing Mohamud’s parents of their son’s al-Qaida links would have threatened the entire operation to monitor online contacts between possible terror suspects.


Father Of Ore. Terror Suspect: FBI ‘Brainwashed’ Son