7-year-old interrogated for 10 hours: reports

7-year-old interrogated for 10 hours: reports

Robbery Charges Lead to Lawsuit

7-year-old Wilson Reyes was handcuffed and held by police for four hours at PS114 after getting into a fight on a playground over five dollars. According to his mother he was taken to the 44th precinct and spent six hours being interrogated by police. Reyes was interrogated without a parent or guardian present, and both his aunt and mother were denied access to the child when they arrived at the station.

When his mother, Francis Mendez, was granted access to her son she found him handcuffed to a pipe. Reyes says that officers taunted him and threatened him. The boy is accused of using force to take money from another child. The child that he is accused of robbing has reportedly said that Reyes deserves any punishment that he receives.

The family’s attorney says that the young boy still has physical and emotional signs of the abuse suffered during the interrogation. A spokesperson for the police has denied the claims being made in the family’s lawsuit against the department and the city claiming he was treated like everyone else and even given pizza. The family is asking for $250 million as a result of the incident.

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