Researchers have discovered a rare species of crab that dates back millions of years ago. Scientists were shocked when they learned that they had uncovered the oldest spider crabs in the world.

There were eight crabs in all, and they were found in the Koskobilo Quarry in Northern Spain. A couple of the crabs stood out to the crew that uncovered them as unique.

According to UPI, the first crab was the Cretamaja Granulate and is known to be at least a million years old. The second crab, a Koskobilius Postangustus, fits into the 100 million year old age category. This discovery was quite substantial, as these are known to be the oldest crabs in existence. Because of the discovery, they are direct links to the time of the fossils.

The crew dug for a period of around two hours before they unearthed these rare finds.

There could have been more but others probably perished due to environmental issues making the surroundings uninhabitable. Still, this is a miraculous find for the scientific community.