Strippers To Get Unemployment Benefits In Kansas

Strippers To Get Unemployment Benefits In Kansas (photo Dreamstime)

Kansas Strippers can receive Unemployment Benefits

Following the 2005 decision of an exotic dancer to file an insurance claim in 2005 the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that exotic dancers in the state are eligible to receive unemployment benefits when they are out of work. The owners of Club Orleans in Topeka, Kansas argued they rented space to the dancers, who are paid in tips and do not receive a salary; therefore the club claimed the dancers were then classed as independent contractors and not employees.

The Kansas Department of Labor claimed that by publishing a list of house rules the dancers must comply with and setting minimum prices for private dances the club had made the dancers employees. Club Orleans legal team argued the house rules were introduced at the request of the dancers in order to keep the club legal; despite the ruling requiring the club to pay unemployment insurance on behalf of the dancers the owners will not appeal the decision.


Exotic Dancers Can Collect Unemployment, Kansas Supreme Court Says