Women could be required to register for future Military Drafts
U.S. males aged 18 to 25 are currently required to register for a military draft in case a combat force is needed quickly during a national emergency. Now the decision of President Obama’s Administration to allow women to take on combat roles in the U.S. military has prompted calls for women of military draft age to also be required to register. Politicians are not calling for a return to military drafting, but a record of eligible men is currently held by the military in case of emergency.

Groups supporting the right of women to fight in combat roles claim the legal requirement to register for a draft should be extended to women as a basic right of U.S. citizenship. Because women could not previously take on combat roles the U.S. military did not require them to register; the U.S. Deparment of Defense is now compiling a report on the subject for politicians to consider.

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