Jodi Arias Breaks Down as She Faces Tough Questions Regarding Night of Murder

Jodi Arias was in tears today as she faced the fifth day of cross examination by the state. Prosecutor Juan Martinez confronted Jodi Arias on the details of the night when she shot former boyfriend Travis Alexander in June of 2008. Her demeanor greatly subdued in comparison to the recent days in which she was questioned about the details of their intimate relationship, Jodi Arias openly wept as she viewed crime scene photos of Alexander laying lifeless in the shower, prompting an early morning recess. As the proceedings continued, she physically demonstrated to the jury the stance that she stated Alexander took as he lunged towards her in a fit of rage.

Arias, who has openly stated that Alexander was abusive and sexually deviant, had difficulty answering the prosecutors questions regarding what happened that night, repeatedly asking Juan Martinez for clarification. Jodi Arias maintains that she murdered Travis Alexander on the night of June 4, 2008 as an act of self defense.