Big Brawl at Prison Complex in Arizona 400 Inmates Involved

TUCSON, Arizona — A prison complex in Arizona is still on a lockdown after a huge fight among inmates broke out.

Bill Lamoreaux, spokesman for the State’s Department of Correction, confirmed that a fight including 400 inmates did break out Sunday morning in Tuscon. The fight took place in the minimum security section of a State Prison complex, but the prison staff quickly stopped it.

According to Lamoreaux, 17 inmates were injured and shuttled to area hospitals, but the nature of the injuries were not available.

Two staffers were hurt, but only suffered minor injuries while helping to quell the fight.

The Department of Corrections is investigating the actual cause of the brawl, which took place in the Whetstone Unit of the prison complex. Whetstone Unit is only one of eight areas of the complex which houses 1,250 prisoners each.

The inmate populations at prisons across America are at historically high levels, but it is not yet known if overcrowding was a factor in this latest fight. After the fight, all scheduled visitations have been cancelled for the entire prison.