37-Pound Cat Slimming His Way To Adoption (PHOTO)

37-Pound Cat Slimming His Way To Adoption (PHOTO)

A New Home For 37-Pound Cat

The St. Charles County Animal Shelter in Missouri has allowed one of their cats to be adopted.

While that is not unusual, the cat in question has become a bit of a local sensation in the St. Louis area.

Biscuit was being cared for at the shelter because his owner was unable to care for him. Biscuit had been at the shelter for the last year. What makes Biscuit special is that he weighs nearly 3 times what the average cat weighs. The shelter had placed him on a strict diet in order to improve his health.

“She didn’t mean the cat any harm,” Gilley said. “I just think she didn’t know any better.”

After a recent news story on 37 pound Biscuit, the St. Charles shelter received over 100 requests for adoption.

A family from Eureka, MO have adopted Biscuit, who will not only find a new home, but a new friend, too. The family had adopted another obese cat named Max, several years ago.

Anyone interested in adopting Biscuit can visit the shelter at 2835 West Randolph Street or call Gilley at 636-949-3395. The adoption fee is $46.50 and includes a rabies shot.

Only one other cat is in the shelter, so there’s plenty of room for the oversized feline.

According to mostextreme.org, the heaviest recorded cat is Himmy who lived in Cairns, Queensland, weighing in at a staggering 21.3kg (46.8lbs). Himmy, a desexed tabby died at the age of 10 of respiratory failure.

As of February 2003, there is a new contender for the world’s heaviest cat. Five year old Katy, who lives in Russia reportedly weighs 20kg.

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