Traci Lords Raped In Same Town As Infamous Trial

Traci Lords Raped In Same Town As Infamous Trial

Traci Lords Raped in Steubenville, OH

Against the backdrop of two high school football players raping a classmate, and the scandal that has ensued impugning this small Ohio town, comes a new allegation from former pornography star and B-movie actress Traci Lords that she was raped in the town at the age of ten.

The Daily Mail reports, Lords made the revelation on the set of the CNN show hosted by Piers Morgan and claims that her mother was also raped there.

In her own words, Lords said the following of Steubenville: “I think there‚Äôs a sickness in that city.

Lords expressed to Morgan her reluctance to speak out about the current Steubenville rape case because of concerns over her past involvement in the pornography industry.

She felt that people would take the comment merely as another “**** talking about that **** thing”.

However, Lords said the pain the current rape case evoked was too much for her to remain silent. In her case, her attacker was 14 years old.

‘I was born there, and I was raped there’: Actress Traci Lords reveals she was sexually assaulted in Steubenville