tyree carter, banned from All Libraries on the "face of the earth"

tyree carter, banned from All Libraries on the “face of the earth”

Masturbating man banned from all libraries on earth

Racine, WI- Police were called to the Racine Public Library on a complaint of someone masturbating in public and arrested a 20 year old male.

According to the criminal complaint, the employee who called police saw Tyree S. Carter on the second floor “standing in the open, not trying to conceal the act.” When police officers arrived they found Mr. Carter sitting at a table reading a book.

When asked if he knew why they were there he said he had no idea. When told why, according to the complaint, he said he had never done this before and apologized.

According to the Journal Times, Carter, who had been staying at the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization of Racine, was transported to the Racine County Jail Wednesday.

Mr. Carter’s signature bond was set at $1000. A condition of that bond is that he “stay out of all libraries on the face of the earth.”

Brian Mackus, a former page at the Edison Public Library in Edison, N.J, tells the Hufington Post, he’s not terribly surprised that someone was masturbating in a library.

“It’s not uncommon for people to use public terminals for adult material,” he told HuffPost Weird News. “Some of our terminals in the children’s secton had outside Internet functionality turned off to prevent this very thing.”

“The worst I had to deal with was taking body books away from giggling middle schoolers trying to make sense of a poorly drawn ******,” he said.

Next month is his pre-trial hearing. If convicted he could face up to a year in jail and $11,000 in fines.

tyree carter, banned from All Libraries on the "face of the earth" (PHOTO)

tyree carter, banned from All Libraries on the “face of the earth” (PHOTO)

Man forbidden from “all libraries on the face of the earth”

Man accused of public masturbation banned from every library on Earth

Tyree Carter Banned From ‘All The Libraries On The Face Of The Earth’ For Allegedly Masturbating