Massachusetts Senator Proposes $22 Minimum Wage

(dBTechno) – Although businesses are already cringing at the minimum wage increase of $9 proposed by President Barack Obama, a Massachusetts Senator is proposing an even higher number based on worker productivity.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts says that the minimum wage established should rightly be a whopping $22 an hour in order to keep pace with the level of productivity given by American workers.

Warren made the proposal while participating in a Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions hearing, citing studies that have tracked worker productivity has far back as 1960.

She criticized the current $7.25 minimum wage rate established by the federal government as shorting the American worker by some $14.75 an hour and wondered aloud just where that money has gone. Warren also said that the study regarding the economic impact of a low minimum wage reveals that minimum wage growth has remained flat since 1970. She is advocating for an increase to more than $10 an hour.