sinkhole swallows pond

sinkhole swallows pond

Pond Disappears Overnight

On Saturday night, a homeowner in Newcastle, CA went to bed as usual. Sunday morning, however, was quite the opposite. The homeowner woke and went outside, only to discover that his plants and entire pond had simply disappeared.

Resident Mark Korb found that the large pond he had built had been swallowed by a sinkhole that opened up on his property. All that remained was a large muddy crater and everything within it had disappeared. The entire pond had been drained in less than five hours. According to Korb, the last time he had drained the pond, it took an entire week using a high-powered water pump.

While the sinkhole is clearly the culprit, it is unclear as to how sinkhole was able to drain the big pond so fast.

Mr Korb told KCRA that the crater ‘looks like the moon’ on his rural property which is situated close to Dutch Ravine.

A Sierra College geology professor examined the evidence from the sinkhole. He explained that the area contained numerous old gold mines which left the surface area vulnerable to collapse. While sinkholes in other areas are caused by excess rainfall, this one was likely caused by the old mine tunnels underground.

The existing tunnels provided the perfect escape hatch for the pond’s water allowing the pond to drain within a few hours.

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