Two Die Skydiving near Tampa

Two Die Skydiving near Tampa

Florida Guests Horrified as Two Die Skydiving near Tampa

A large group of skydivers traveled to Zephyrhills, Florida for a weekend jump sponsored by Skydive City.

Their plans went horribly awry when two men were killed during the adventure. According to Florida news sources both of these individuals were from Iceland. One of the men was a skydiving student and the other was certified as a skydiving instructor. Their full identities will not be released until officials are able to contact the families.

A total of twenty-two participants took to the air for the experience of a lifetime. The Iceland skydivers were part of a larger group of jumpers. Whenever two die skydiving it is often assumed that one of the individuals was attempting to help a fellow jumper.

In some instances such accidents could result when both parachutes failed to open. At this point it is not known the underlying cause (or causes) that led to the deaths of these jumpers. Sources at Skydive City report that the company has been in operation for twenty years. The company spokesperson stated that during this time period there have only been 10-12 fatalities associated with their skydiving service.

The jump took place as scheduled at 10:30 am EST. The two men had leaped from the plane at separate times and were reported to be missing at approximately 12 noon. Both bodies were located in a wooded area near Yonkers Road. The Pasco County rescue team discovered the bodies later in the evening following an exhausting air/land search over an extensive area of the community.

Two die skydiving in Florida, said to be from Iceland

Two skydivers dead after jumping near Zephyrhills Municipal Airport