Man Thrown From Plane Mid Flight

Man Thrown From Plane Mid Flight

Man Ejected from Plane Mid Flight

A Tennessee student pilot was pulled out of his seat mid-flight and ejected from the plane when a piece of the plane’s canopy became dislodged during a flying lesson earlier this week.

The as of yet unnamed student was with a flight instructor in Zodiac 601 small engine aircraft.

The Zodiac 601 is primarily a plane that is used for short distance leisure flights and for pilot training.

According to reports, the two men were flying somewhere over the East Brainderd area of Hamilton County Tennessee at about 2,500 feet when a piece of the plastic canopy that covers the pilot seats broke away. The trainee was not using his seat belt and he was thrown from the plane along with two cellphones.

The flight trainer was able to gain control of the plane and guide it safely back to Collegedale Municipal Airport in southeastern Tennessee. The pilot had his seatbelt engaged and was not physically harmed. Authorities immediately began to search for the missing man, but have not been able to locate him. They have attempted to track the GPS signal from the man’s cellphone. The man is not expected to have survived the incident.

A representative from the Airport did release a statement that the Federal Aviation Association had been notified of the accident.


According to USA Today, a body has been found in a small airplane that crashed in a field in rural Clay County, Sheriff Bill Bergquist said.

Investigators are working to determine if the wreckage was the small, single-engine airplane that went missing in flight from the Duluth area to Moorhead.

“The people inside the plane were not wearing seat belts,” Bradley County interim fire chief Troy Spence told WRCB-TV. “So when they lost control of the plane, in an attempt to regain control of the plane, the passenger was ejected.”


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A man taking a flying class in Hamilton County, Tennessee has been thrown out of a plane from an altitude of 2,500 feet (762 meters).