Elite SEAL Team 6 Member Dies In Parachute Accident

The elite Navy SEAL Team 6 suffered a tragic loss last week during parachute training exercises in Arizona. Brett Shadle, a 31-year old Special Warfare Operator Chief, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, while another Team 6 member was severely injured, reports NBC News.

A native of Pennsylvania, Shadle was stationed on the East Coast as part of a Naval Special Warfare Unit. Military officials did not release the name of the other injured SEAL Team 6 member nor did they provide any details as to how Shadle was killed during the training exercise in Marana, Arizona.

Naval SEAL Team 6 came to international attention when members of its elite specially trained forces took part in the undercover raid that resulted in the death of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. The parachute training exercises which Shadle was involved in is a regular part of SEAL Team training since officers are required to have this expertise in order to participate in rescue operations as well as anti-terrorist raids that require them to parachute behind enemy lines or into hostile territory. The surviving Team 6 member injured in the training maneuver that killed Shadle has been upgraded to satisfactory condition while the accident remains under investigation.