Man tattoos pit bull

Man tattoos pit bull

Man Gives His Pit Pull a Tattoo – Draws Ire of Dog Lovers

Some things are truly better left unsaid.

That may just be what North Carolina resident Ernesto Rodriguez is thinking just about now.

The licensed tattoo artist took it upon himself to give his five month old pit bull a tattoo.

He then posted a picture of the tattooed canine in his Facebook account, and that is when the criticism from dog lovers poured in. Thus far, Rodriguez has been undaunted in fending off the criticism and accusations of animal cruelty. He points out that the tattoo features the name of his dog, who is called “Duchess”. It also includes a crest symbol for her bloodline.

Rodriguez states that there shouldn’t be any functional difference between a tattoo and a brand mark which ranchers often place on their livestock. In all fairness, it does appear that the practice of tattooing pets has been around for a while.

One website called “” features numerous photos of tattooed pets, which include digs, cats, pigs and even rats. The website also claims that the small tattoos can help for identification purposes. However, many remain skeptical that owners are branding their pets more as a fashion statement than for practical reasons.

On balance, while there is a certain amount of value to be had from identifying marks, some people choose to tattoo their pets as fashion statements. Perhaps that is what most draws the ire of dog and animal lovers.

The negative attention has drawn in the county Health Department which has ordered Rodriguez to cease giving anyone tattoos since the residence lacks the zoning permit to operate a business. In the end, it may just have been better to have kept this matter entire “in the family”.


Man Tattoos Pet Pit Bull

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