Missing Hikers Found Alive:  "She wouldn't have made it much longer"

Missing Hikers Found Alive: “She wouldn’t have made it much longer”

Both Teen Hikers Found Alive in California Canyon

A day after fellow hiker Nicholas Cendoya was rescued from a failed canyon hiking trip in California, the screams of his 18-year old companion Kyndall Jack attracted the attention of rescue crews after both teens failed to return from a hiking excursion on Sunday.

Her location on the ledge jutting out from a steep slope was reportedly not very far from where her male companion had been found, also alive, just 24 hours earlier.

“We started to close in. We heard the voice from all our ground crews and surrounded it and made contact with her.” Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Jason Park said. “It was very difficult to extract her.”

Extracting Jack from her precarious position was a painstaking process that caused one of the rescue workers to be injured. The girl was reported to be dehydrated and disoriented and could not explain how she managed to land where she was discovered.

“She was kind of clinging to the ledge on the cliff side, kind of going in and out of consciousness,” said Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Jim Moss, a paramedic who treated her.

“We climbed up to her and could see she was in a lot of pain, obviously completely dehydrated and very weak.

Rescue crews doubt that Jack could have survived another 24 hours in the rocky canyon, and was having trouble breathing when found in addition to drifting in and out of consciousness.

“She wouldn’t have made it much longer. She’s really lucky,” he told The Associated Press in an interview shortly after the rescue.

When the pair became lost in the Cleveland National Forest on Sunday, it was Cendoya who used his cellphone to dial 911 to request emergency help.

When both teens were found, neither had any shoes on and both seemed to be very disoriented and weak. Two volunteers helping in the search became lost in thick brush themselves and had to be located by rescuers.

“Initial information indicates they are well and will be returning to their families! Yeah!” announced a post on the park’s Facebook page. The two had been reported missing by their families Friday after failing to catch a flight home.

Second teen hiker found alive after 4 days in California canyon