Frozen baby mom:  Mother Gets 50 Years For Leaving Infant To Die

Frozen baby mom: Mother Gets 50 Years For Leaving Infant To Die

Mother Who Left Infant to Freeze to Death Gets 50 Years in Prison

32-year-old Katie Stockton, an Illinois resident, was sentenced to fifty years in prison Friday in the death of her new born baby girl in 2004.

Stockton was living with her parents and successfully hid her pregnancy from everyone.

Upon delivering the child herself on December 17, 2004, she stuffed the newborn in a plastic bag along with the materials she used in the delivery and clean up.

The bag was discarded close to her residence at the side of a dead-end road. The baby died of from the extreme cold. Stockton remained a suspect from the outset of the investigation. In an effort to thwart the police investigation, she refused to provide a DNA sample. The investigation remained open for years.

Finally, in 2009, police retrieved a cigarette butt Stockton had tossed away and used that to match her DNA to Baby Crystal as the girl had been nicknamed. Stockton was arrested. A subsequent search of her car produced the remains of two other infants who Stockton similarly allowed to perish.

Prosecutors were seeking a sixty year prison sentence on an eleven count indictment, but reached a plea bargain for a fifty year sentence on a single first-degree murder charge; she accepted.


Ill. mom of frozen baby given 50-year sentence