Yankees tickets sex line

Yankees tickets sex line (photo Dreamstime)

Yankees Old Ticket Number used for Sex Line

A telephone line once used by the New York Yankees is now being used by “America’s Hottest Talk Line” as a telephone sex line. The problem for Yankees fans is an out of date web page can still be found on Google containing the phone number for ticket sales 800-913-9793, which has not been used by the Bronx Bomber’s since 2009.

A Yankees spokesperson claims the ticket line was used from 2008 through early 2009, but is no longer owned by or under the rules of the New York Yankees, reports the New York Post.

The toll free number is aimed at both men and women who are looking for casual sexual encounters and phone sex for callers aged 18 and over; callers leave a short recorded greeting and can be contacted by subscribers with a pin number.

Yankees officials claim the telephone line is not under their jurisdiction as they gave up the number previously used for seat reallocations, and claim they have no control over how the number is used in the future. The Yankees spokesperson went on to state the problem lay with search engines like Google, which still lists an out of date Internet page with the toll free number advertised.


Old phone number for Yankees tickets now belongs to sex hot line