Jonathan Knight Leaves Stage Mid-Show

Jonathan Knight, one of the members of the legendary pop band New Kids On the Block, left the stage mid-show during an iHeartRadio performance in New York City on April 4th.

The band is preparing material for a new concert tour that kicks off later this month. They were playing a small venue and at about the midway point of the hour long concert, the band gathered together in the middle of the stage to introduce a song from their new album. They began the performance and commented with Jonathan Knight didn’t sing his solo portion of the song as scheduled. After encouraging him to sing, his brother Jordan Knight sang Jonathan’s portion of the song. Seconds afterwards, Jonathan exited the stage. You could hear him remove his microphone. Later in the show, his band mates joked that he was locked in the bathroom.

Knight apologized on Twitter later that night. He has been very open in the past in interviews about how he suffers from disability anxiety disorders that led to panic attacks. He said that he went through a period in the 1990s where he became a recluse, never leaving his house and sleeping most of his time away.
The rest of the band assured fans that Jonathan was okay and will be ready for the upcoming tour.


Jonathan Knight ‘sorry’ for walking off stage during NKOTB show