Wife Killed Over HIV Fear

Wife Killed Over HIV Fear

Sexually Deviant Man Kills Wife & Son Out of HIV Fear

64-year-old Eugene Maraventano of Arizona took the life of his 63-year-old wife Janet and 27-year-old son Bryan over HIV fears last week.

Specifically, Maraventano claims that he had a history of sexual encounters with prostitutes and feared that he had transmitted HIV to her, reports teh Washington Post.

He said she suffered pain and feared she would be found suffering from cancer or a sexually transmitted disease stemming from his trysts.

Rather than have her suffer from an HIV-related illness, he thought it best to euthanize her at knife point. Next, Maraventano says he took the life of his adult age son also out of mercy because the unemployed man spent his waking hours playing video games and would be helpless without his mother; he didn’t even have a girlfriend according to Maraventano.

According to the New Times documents, he told police he killed his son, Bryan, because he “plays video games all day, has no girlfriend, and must be handicap(ped) because he can’t get a job.”

He then planned to commit suicide but could not despite several attempts. Finally, by Saturday Maraventano phoned in the police and confessed to the grisly killings. Police have yet to determine if his wife was suffering from any chronic illness which may have played a role in Maraventano’s homicides. Maraventano chronicled for police how he carried out his atrocities.

He stabbed his wife twice as she slept and then knocked on his son’s bedroom door and stabbed him to death upon his son opening the door.


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