Police officials in Port Canaveral, Florida have fired one of its officers for having the bad taste to use targets that in silhouette form look like slain black teenager Trayvon Martin at the gun range. Sgt.

According to the Huff Post, Ron King was dismissed from the police force after it was brought to their attention that King pulled out targets that looked like the hooded figure of Martin, who was slain last year by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch commander who has since been charged with the teenager’s murder. Port Canaveral is located about an hour’s drive from the community where the 17 year old Martin was slain while out for a walk when he was confronted by Zimmerman.

King was actually in charge of a target practice session with two other officers and another unidentified individual not on the police force when he produced the controversial target forms and asked the group if they wanted to use them during their practice session. Everyone agreed that they did not and they asked King to place the offensive targets back into his vehicle. It is not known where or how King obtained the Tayvon Martin target sheets but officials said their use reflected both hatred and stupidity.