boston marathon hotline 1-800-494-TIPS: Information on Boston Marathon Bomb [

boston marathon hotline 1-800-494-TIPS: Information on Boston Marathon Bomb [

FBI Establishes Boston Marthon Tip Hotline 1-800-494-TIPS

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with local Boston police authorities, are actively seeking the public’s help in determining who is responsible for Monday’s dual bombing along the finish line of the historic Boston Marathon by establishing a toll free, 1-800-494-TIPS hotline to gather any leads.

The chief special agent for the FBI says that they are committed to bringing the perpetrators of the recent terrorist bombing incident to justice, but need the public’s help with any tidbit of information that might prove useful in putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Many previous cases of criminal activity have been solved because one individual decided to step up and share some piece of information that led to an arrest.

Two blasts within seconds of each other shattered the joyful celebration happening at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, being held in Massachusetts on the state’s Patriot Day holiday. At least three people have died as a result of the blasts, and more than 166 people have been injured or hospitalized.

Neither Boston police officials nor any members of the FBI would speculate as to the type of incendiary device used nor the motivation for discharging it at one of the world’s premiere athletic events.


Boston FBI: Phone hotline for marathon blast tips