Confusion in West, Texas

Search for Missing Citizens After Texas Blast

According to NBC reporter Marian Smith, there is still much confusion over how many individuals may still be missing after the devastating blast at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas on Wednesday.

The confusion lies in the fact that many people were displaced following the blast and it has been hard for families to reunite after the tragedy. Investigators are now citing a death toll of 14. Senator John Cornyn cited originally that approximately 60 people were missing, but now investigators believe that number is inaccurate.

As emergency workers and volunteers attempt to reunite families, there should be less confusion as to the exact number. Nine of the reported 14 dead were fire rescue workers that rushed to the horrific scene on Wednesday. This huge loss has left the town of West and the entire state of Texas, grieving.

The exact cause of the explosion is still unknown. The destruction was far reaching as approximately 50 homes were damaged or destroyed. Residents of the area adjacent to the plant have not been allowed back into their homes as of now. This widespread displacement of residents is somewhat adding to the confusion of exactly how many citizens are still missing.

Investigators: Texas plant explosion death toll raised to 14