Avalanche at Loveland Pass Claims Five Lives
GEORGETOWN, Colo. — On Saturday, April 20, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, six snowboarders were the victims of a backcountry avalanche at the Loveland Pass. Five of the snowboarders died and one was able to escape by digging himself out. He was then able to use his cell phone and call for help. The condition of the survivor is unknown.

The area was closed down so the rescue team could conduct their search. The rescue team had dogs with them to assist in the search. The bodies of the victims were found and recovered hours after the incident has occurred. The bodies were then taken to the coroners office. All of the deceased had avalanche beacons with them. The identities of the victims have not yet been released.

The Loveland Pass, which has an elevation of 11,990, is frequently visited by people who are looking for fresh snow to ski or snowboard. Though it is only speculation, authorities feel that the snowboarders may have set the avalanche off. The avalanche traveled about 1,000 feet. The number of people who are killed by avalanches has increased since 1990. An average of 24 people a year are killed in an avalanche.


5 snowboarders killed in Colorado avalanche, sheriff says

5 snowboarders killed in Colorado avalanche

Sheriff: 5 backcountry snowboarders killed in avalanche on Colorado’s Loveland Pass