Sarah Palin: Chewing tobacco Promise At NRA Event

Sarah Palin: Chewing tobacco Promise At NRA Event

Sara Palin Asks Mayor Bloomberg to Not Force Her to Use Tobacco Chew

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is hosting their annual convention in Houston, Texas this weekend.

Former Alaska Governor & 2008 GOP VP Nominee Sarah Palin addressed the faithful defenders of the Second Amendment this past Friday. Speaking to a crowd of tens of thousands, the charismatic conservative tossed out another zinger at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg regarding his penchant for micro-regulating his constituents.

During her speech at the CPAC Annual Conference on March 16, Palin drank from a “Big Gulp” in defiance of Mayor Bloomberg’s ban of super-sized colas. This time around, Palin put a tin can of tobacco chew on the podium and uttered an admonishment to Mayor Bloomberg, who is trying to ban tobacco displays in stores, to not push her to use “chew” in defiance of his anti-tobacco policies.

As usual, Palin is a crowd pleaser to conservative audiences often serving up the political “red meat” that the party faithful yearn to hear. In support of the Second Amendment’s “right to bear arms”, Palin counseled the attendees to “keep the faith”. Palin explained that in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, politicians sought gun-control laws that did nothing to prevent further school-shooting tragedies, but instead sought to limit the gun rights of law-abiding citizens.


Sarah Palin: Chewing tobacco is her latest prop (+video)